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Investors celebrated their profits last year, as 2019 brought forwards some of the highest gains that the stock market has been in ages. This was in part due to the lackluster end of 2018, which allowed 2019 to shine as it made a major comeback. If you are just getting started, we recently outlined how to make sense of the volatility in today’s market using key indicators.

What about 2020? Will there be a comeback this year after the first quarter’s disastrous plummet due to Covid19? There are a few companies in particular that are looking favorable for the remainder of the year.


On March 9, Walmart was featured as Investor’s Business Daily’s stock of the day. The stock price is up 11.38% since last month, at a rate of almost $130 per share. The reason why Walmart’s stock price is increasing is due to the surge of e-commerce, as millions of people around the country used Walmart to stock up on basic essentials. Walmart also offers products at a lower cost than other retailers, giving them an advantage as people try to shop in bulk to avoid making multiple trips to the store.


With thousands of layoffs around the country, it is no surprise that people are getting quite bored. Staying inside has given them plenty of time to use Facebook. New users are creating Facebook accounts in order to stay connected with their family and friends outside the home. Facebook has also recently introduced a new dating feature to help keep people in touch with their significant others. Facebook’s stock price is currently at almost $190 per share, and it has had a 12.99% increase from last month.


Etsy is an online retailer specializing in creative and handmade products. Many of these items can not be found in a regular brick and mortar store. As consumers are not able to leave their homes to go shopping, Etsy has become a big hit. The company will deliver its products right to the doorstep, so there is no need to go out and go shopping. Once the coronavirus ends, people will remember the ease of online shopping and will continue it. Etsy’s stock price is currently at almost $70 per share, a 79.16% increase from last month.


As a cloud security system, it is clear why this company will be in demand in 2020. Many people are working from home, and it is crucial that company data remain safe from hackers. Companies will be willing to splurge for an IT upgrade if it means that their files will be encrypted. After the pandemic is over, it is likely that many offices will remain shut, and their employees will continue to work from home to safe costs. This means that IT will remain a priority. Okta’s stock price is over $150, which is a 21.61% increase from last month.


In the midst of the Coronavirus, Amazon has almost become a utility for more US families, than simply an online marketplace. The share price has surged almost 30% year to date and sees no sign of slowing down. While it is not a cheap stock, with shares valued over $2300 per share at the time of publishing, it is not a day trade for most people, but a strong long-term investment option.

Is Now The Right Time To Invest?

Right now is a good time to examine some of these stocks, as prices are currently fairly low. If you have some extra cash tucked away, consider investing in the stock market. Prices will start to rise again as the stock market improves, so the investment will be worth it later on. The markets are still volatile due to the uncertainties of the Coronavirus, but at the same time, those that do their research and practice sound investment strategies can find themselves on the winning side of the market by finding value stocks with long-term growth potential.

Please be sure to read our terms & disclaimers regarding stock notes on Call Put Strike, as we are not licensed brokers and these are merely informative. We take no responsibility for any investment decisions made using the information provided in our articles. 


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