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For many of us, 2020 was going to be the golden year of retirement. There was going to be nothing more to worry about, and the days were going to be filled with sleeping in, relaxing and having a good time with friends and family. Of course, at that time it was difficult to predict the catastrophic effect that Covid19 would quickly have on civilization and the economy.


It is no secret that portfolios and savings accounts have taken a huge hit in recent times. Economic growth is at a stand-still, and nobody can predict when that might change. With the stock market crashing lower every day, the value of shares can decrease exponentially within hours. This can dramatically alter someone’s investment account, which they may have been depending on to use for their retirement savings.

Even though the situation may seem very scary, try not to panic. As soon as the value of shares start to drop, people will immediately try to sell them at a loss. Rushing to do this is a mistake. The stock market will eventually turn around and start to increase again. There is no point to sell at rock-bottom because the only way it can go is up.

If someone is near retirement age, they should hold onto their investments, but be sure to have another plan in place for the meantime. It might be a good idea to keep working for another year, or at least reduce to part-time hours. This will keep a cash flow coming long enough for the retirement plan to kick back into place and for the value to increase again.

Investment advisors will be able to discuss the best options involving their clients’ portfolios. If someone is near retirement, it is likely that many of their investments are low-risk. Advisors can work to improve the investment portfolio by selling and buying equity funds of different companies depending on what they evaluate the risk level to be. A few key stocks to keep an eye on were written about earlier by staff writers at Call Put Strike.


If there is a guaranteed workplace pension in place, this is the best scenario. If this is the case, Covid19 is not likely to disturb retirement plans. However, the timing of when to collect that pension might be impacted. Typically, if someone were to retire at 65, they would receive the full amount of their monthly pension. If someone wanted to retire, they could do so as young as 55, and they would receive a lower monthly amount.

It is important to keep this in mind because the pandemic may alter when the most financially beneficial time is for someone to start collecting their pension. For example, if someone needs a higher monthly income now, they might consider working for another year and waiting until age 56 to start collecting their pension.

Talk to an HR representative at your company to see if there have been any updates regarding pensions. They should be able to offer guidance about specific company policies, and what the best option during this pandemic should be.


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