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With the recent catastrophic pandemic sweeping through the United States, many employees have been put out of work or been forced to reduce their hours. Luckily, the government has been able to provide some financial assistance for those who have had their employment affected by the virus. However, for many people, this just isn’t enough. Below are a few ways for Americans to make money from the safety of their own homes.

Online Surveys

Although it seems hard to believe, companies will pay you to simply answer a few lifestyle questions about your shopping habits. They want to gather market research to further improve their product lines. By using a survey site, you can spend a few minutes a day answering questions, and receive rewards through gift cards, items, or PayPal cash. Although each survey does not pay much, it does add up after a while.

Many survey sites are free to use. Be wary of sites that ask you to pay to use them, as these are likely scams. Some examples of free survey sites are Inbox Dollars, American Consumer Opinion, and Opinion Outpost.

Freelance Writing

Do you have an untapped writing skill that you have always wanted to showcase? Many websites offer jobs for freelance writers. For example, is a great source for aspiring writers. The clients will post jobs relating to a wide variety of topics, so you have a big selection to choose from. You will need to bid on a job and include a cover letter describing your capabilities. If you are selected for the job, the client will contact you with more information.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants have a wide range of responsibilities. Some clients will simply want their VAs to answer emails, while others will expect more. A Virtual Assistant might also be responsible for arranging travel plans, including booking accommodations. Websites such as Zirtual will post VA job opportunities, where the client and potential employee can contact.


Although person to person contact is limited right now due to Covid19, there are many virtual tutoring jobs available. By working through the internet, a tutor and a tutee can connect and discuss what specifically is needed. They could work through problems together, or the tutor could teach a lesson live. For children, the tutor will likely go over the requirements with their guardians.

Social Media

There is a demand for managing social media accounts. Fan pages for local celebrities are often looking for people to respond to questions and comments. Fiverr is a good website for this, as it provides ample opportunity.


If you are not a lawyer, paralegal, or working in law in any way, you can sign up to be an e-Juror from home. EJurors can view the case and facts online, and then answer questions related to it. Once they submit their verdict, they will be paid a few dollars, depending on the length. These verdicts will be taken into consideration by the actual jury once the case goes to court.



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