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With modern-day prices being sky-high, and inflation rising annually, there is no doubt that living in the United States has become very expensive. With this in mind, it is a good idea to stay aware of possible cost-cutting measures that can be used to save a few dollars here and there. Car insurance is a good example of where prices can be reduced.

Shop Around to Save More On Car Insurance

First of all, it is important to never accept the first price that you get from a company. Try to shop around and get at least 3-5 quotes from different companies. Be knowledgeable about the amount that you should be paying, so that you won’t get ripped off. If a quote is higher than you expected, do not be afraid to question it. It could be that the insurance agent forgot to input a detail about you, such as your completion of driver’s ed. This is a factor that would dramatically lower your car insurance.

Your Credit Score & Car Insurance   

By paying bills on time, you have the ability to raise your credit score. This can impact your car insurance in a positive manner. This is because most car insurance companies will look at your credit score in order to determine your quote. A reason for this is that companies have found that individuals who have better credit scores are less likely to make claims on their insurance. If your credit score is not quite up to par, take some time to improve it before you start shopping around for car insurance.

Bundle your Insurance

Many insurance companies will offer you a deal if you purchase at least two types of insurance from you. An example of this would be bundling home and auto insurance, or if you had two different vehicles that needed insurance. If you need to get multiple types of insurance anyway, this could be a very good deal for you. Compare the prices between different companies for single insurance and multi insurance.

Defensive Driving Course

Insurance companies will often provide clients with a discount when they see that they have completed an approved defensive driving course. Make sure that the course is accredited by your state, or it will not count towards an insurance discount. It is a good idea that teenagers sign up for defensive driving courses before they get their licenses. This will get them more road-safe, and it will also leave them in a good position when they need to apply for car insurance.

Drive Less

If you do not need to drive your car often, don’t. Someone who drives two hours to work and back every day will pay more for their insurance than someone who drives ten minutes per day. This is because the person who is in the car longer will statistically be more likely to get into an accident. If you are able to significantly cut back on your mileage, let your insurance company know. They may be able to work with you to reduce your insurance premiums.



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