Top Five Personal Finance Podcasts in 2020

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Keeping track of personal finance has become important, now more than ever. With millions of people rendered jobless in the aftermath of the COVID-19 disruptions, the need to stretch every dollar is becoming clear. Likewise, personal finance podcasts are making it much easier to achieve money goals without straining one’s lifestyle.

We of course left the Call Put Strike Daily Financial News & Insights Podcast off the list, but we think you already have subscribed to it. If you haven’t, click here.

Below are some of the top picks when it comes to personal finance podcasts.

Brown Ambition

A one of a kind personal finance podcast, Brown Ambition is for people who wish to gain insights and advice on a variety of money topics. The 60-minutes podcast covers topics ranging from paying a debt to buying a car or taking a mortgage.

Brown Ambition is the work of Tiffany Aliche and Mandi Woodruff, who retired before 40. The two strive to provide personal finance advice while balancing fun with real and timely money issues. The podcast is out once every week.

Dave Ramsey Podcast

A household name when it comes to personal finance, Dave Ramsey has carved a niche for himself as a reputable personal finance advisor. It does not come as a surprise that he has become a staple name in the space with over 22,000 reviews.

Unlike other podcasts, Dave Ramsey Podcasts are hosted by a variety of hosts, thus providing divergent views when it comes to personal finance. The podcast is ideal for people who wish to gain insight into money management, covering topics such as setting up an emergency fund, paying off debt, and money decisions.


ChooseFI is an ideal personal finance podcast for people planning to retire and wish to keep their finances in order. The 60-minutes podcast focuses on investment strategies for people planning to retire much earlier than the traditional time frame.

Some of its recent podcast topics include how to keep earnings and saving once you reach financial independence. The podcast has also covered calculating a number for financial independence.

Journey to launch

Journey to Launch is a personal finance podcast that shares interviews and insights of people who have achieved money goals. Likewise, it is an ideal podcast for millennials looking to build wealth while investing and saving.  The 30-minute podcast is also ideal for balancing money and career goals.

The work of financial educator Jamila Souffrant, the podcast, collects inspiring stores from people who have build wealth over the years and achieved financial security and independence. Some of the topics covered include how to start building wealth and paying off debt.

Women and Money

Women and Money, the 30-minute personal finance podcast seeks to provide timely advice for saving for retirement, investing, and building wealth. Powered by Suze Orman, the podcast is not all about women. It is more of a retirement podcast cutting across all genders.

The podcasts navigate topics such as saving and investing for retirement as well as how to keep emotions in check when managing finances.  It also covers complex personal finance topics such as whether to save in traditional or ROTH IRA.

Did we miss any? Comment below to share your favorites.


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