Unilever Investing €1 Billion To Cut Fossil Fuels In Products

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Unilever is inching close to eliminating fossil fuels from its product line. The household good company has confirmed plans to invest €1 billion in cutting carbon emissions generated by chemicals used in the making of its household products.

Unilever €1 Billion Fossil Fuel Reduction Plan

As part of the clean future initiative, the company plans to develop renewable and recyclable alternatives to the current chemicals derived from fossil fuels. Instead of using petrochemicals to make renowned products such as Omo, Cif, and Sunlight, the company intends to start using constituents created from plants and other biological sources as well as algae and waste materials. The production change will result in the company cutting carbon emissions from its laundry products by more than a fifth.

The household conglomerate has already opened talks with biotech giants such as Dow Chemicals as it looks to come up with alternatives to fossil fuels. The creation of environmentally friendly product formulation is top on its agenda as the company looks set to significantly reduce its products’ carbon footprint.

The €1 billion investment will mostly go towards financing biotechnology research operations as well as carbon dioxide utilization. The company also intends to use part of the funds to boost the production of water-efficient product formulations that don’t pollute the environment.

The ultimate goal is to come up with formulations that don’t pollute the environment in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement, which calls for drastic measures in combating global warming. Given its wide array of products that find their way into most households, the company emits close to 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent every year.

Combating Carbon Emissions

With focus slowly shifting to cutting carbon emissions, companies are under immense pressure to change the way they operate as well as the kind of products they produce. Faced with a future that will be all about products and operations that help combat global warming, Unilever intends to cut carbon dioxide emissions from its products and operations to net-zero by 2039.

Unilever has already made the first step in combatting global warming by refining its product line. The company has already unveiled a new Persil washing liquid made entirely from sugar cane. The washing liquid will come packaged in a liquid bottle made with 50% recycled plastic redesigned to use less plastic. The new product is poised to reduce the total virgin plastic footprint by more than 1,000 tons a year.

In addition, the company is in the process of reformulating its Cif cleaning liquid. The cleaning agent is to be derived from recycled plastic bottles.

The household products company is seeing an unprecedented increase in demand for environmentally cautious products as people become aware of the effects of global warming and its causes. Likewise, the company continues to experience strong demand for health and hygienic products as families spend more time at go cleaning and disinfecting their surroundings in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the first half of the year, Cif Surface cleaners and Domestos bleach sales more than doubled amid strong demand in the market.


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