This Is Why A YouTube Blogger Set His Mercedes Car Ablaze

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Mercedes is best known for high-end cars that ooze status and class, in the auto industry. Its cars have dominated racing circuits in addition to being the talk of the town when it comes to performance features, elegance, and driving experience. As it stands, the German brand is not immune to faults given that its cars are also made by humans.

Mercedes Benz Nuisance

A video has gone viral on YouTube, showing that Mercedes cars can also cause anguish and pain just like other vehicles. A video showing a Russian blogger setting his Mercedes AMG GT on fire has gone viral, likely to push the German auto company into a PR and marketing drive in a bid to safeguard its image and reputation.

At the heart of the fire setting incident is Russian blogger Mkhail Litvin who says the Mercedes GT 63 S had become a pain in the butt. It has since emerged that the car has caused the blogger sleepless night since being bought.

According to the blogger, the luxury car started developing mechanical problems and broke down several times, soon after purchasing it from an official dealership. It has since emerged that even on sending the car back for repairs, five times to be specific, the repairs could not rescue the situation. Each time the car went for repair, it came out and developed mechanical problems almost immediately.

The Russian blogger says the car had spent more than 40 days in repairs, yet it never came out and as the car  he knew from the start. In one of the repairs, the car’s turbine were changed with new being ordered from Germany.

It has since emerged that the breaking point amid the repairs frenzy was when the dealers tasked with the responsibility of carrying out repairs stopped taking Litvin calls. The dealership might as well have run out of ideas on how to fix the car, which seems to have eternal mechanical problems.

Mercedes Set On Fire

Distraught by the dealership actions and the constant repairs that yield no reprieve, Litvin opted to set the car ablaze and recorded everything. Before setting the car on fire, the blogger was filmed dousing the car.

While sharing the video to his followers, he wrote, “I thought for a long time what to do with my Shark after the conflict with Mercedes. In my opinion, the idea is FIRE!. I am not happy.

The viral video has been viewed over 11 million times on video-sharing platform YouTube, where the blogger boasts of a following of 5 million subscribers. The incident continues to elicit mixed reactions, with one person asking, How could you. Another subscriber is seen commenting, “American bloggers smash iPhones- Russian bloggers burn Mercedes.

While the setting of the Mercedes car ablaze might be a big loss for many, that might not be the case for Litvin. The amount of ad revenue generated on people making the video go viral might as well allow him to acquire a new ride.


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