“It’s a revolution” Capitol Protest video – Elizabeth From Knoxville Maced Video Goes Viral As Biden Win is Certified

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Supposed to be one of the safest places on earth, the U.S capitol turned out to be a battleground pitying the police and President Donald Trump supporters. The rioters prevailed be it for some time after gaining access to congress as part of a futile push to overturn the November 23 presidential election outcome. As the dust settled and Congress resumed proceedings it became clear lots of damage had been done. As four people lay dead another incident was taking social networks by storm.

Viral Elizabeth Mace Incidence

As Congress tried to vehemently certify President-elect Joe Biden win one woman now identified as Elizabeth from Knoxville was catching the attention of social media users over her plan to spearhead a revolution.

Footage of her crying foul for being maced on trying to storm the Capitol building has gone viral, eliciting mixed reactions on Twitter Instagram, and even Tik Tok. The video of Elizabeth complaining about being maced has lighted social networks amid talk about police brutality and in some quarters white privilege.

White Privilege Claims

The video taken by Yahoo reporter Hunter Walker continues to elicit reactions with some people alarmed by how Elizabeth was shocked for just being maced on trying to get into the Capitol. People are already poking fun at her apparent shock of what she encountered for trying to forcefully force her into one of the most secure places on the land.

Suggestions of white privilege have already lighted social media with some people reiterating that the police were lenient on her. The police response is already being compared to how the place enforcement would have responded had the Black Lives Matter rioters forced into the Capitol building.

Other people are poking fun of Elizabeth for trying to force her way into the capitol just to know where the food court is. The video has also drawn angry reactions with some people calling for her prosecution.

Merrit Kelly @MerritKenny on Twitter lamented “Why does Elizabeth expect pity? She just said they stormed the capitol. What did she think would happen? lol Revolutioning is hard. IrishRebel @IrishRebel2019 responded “Congratulations Elizabeth from Knoxville, TN. You are now eligible for up to 20 years in prison.

Being maced might be the easy part for Elizabeth as Washington Attorney has confirmed plans to level charges against rioters who forced their way into the building. Police have already arrested 30 people for violating a curfew imposed in the U.S Capitol.

Biden Certified

Elizabeth’s action and that of other rioters did little to stop the agenda of the day as congress resumed proceedings once the police calmed the situation. After opposition from some GOP representatives, Congress went on to certify President-elect Joe Biden win.

The efforts by Trump supporters to derail the inevitable failed miserably as Biden is poised to be sworn on January 20. What remains to be seen if Trump will be impeached before the inauguration date an action that is likely to trigger yet another wave of riots from his faithful base.


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