Viral Video Helps Nab MAGA Mob That Crushed Police Officer in Capitol Hill Door

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A massive crackdown is in full swing, targeting perpetrators behind the violent insurrection that gripped Capitol Hill. Viral clips taken at the crime scene are helping law enforcement agencies nab some of the most violent rioters that caused damage and inflicted injuries to police officers. The latest to be arrested is Patrick Edward McCaughey III, who is captured in a viral video assaulting police officer Daniel Hodges.

McCaughey Arrested

McCaughey is to be presented in the U.S District Court of New York, charged with assaulting a police officer, civil disorder, and entering restricted rounds. In the video that prosecutors are relying on, the culprit can be seen pinning down the DC Metropolitan police officer.

The heart-wrenching video shows Hodges being crushed in a terrace door of the Capitol building. Crying out in pain, with blood oozing from the mouth, all but shows how merciless McCaughey and the other rioters were to anyone who tried to stop them from accessing the building.

In the video shared widely and viewed by millions of people on social networks, McCaughey can be clearly seen using a police riot shield to push the left side of Hodge’s body. While pinned between the shield and the door, rioters behind and around McCaughey continued to add to the police officer’s load.

With the video going viral, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Washington Field Office insists McCaughey’s actions were not only violent but barbaric and completely out of control towards the police officer. The video stood out among many shocking and horrific scenes captured as the rioters made their way into the building.

McCaughey was only identified with the help of someone who knew him and shared his information with the police. Investigators also relied on the perpetrator’s voice in several different videos to accurately identify him.

Ready to Serve

Hodges, a six-year veteran, can heave a sigh of relief on walking out of the building alive despite incurring serious injuries. While describing the experience, he says his arms were pinned, and someone managed to rip off his gas mask The mob later used his baton to beat him with it. While Hodges did not suffer any broken bones and internal bleeding at the rioters’ hands, he could not walk normally for almost a week, walking like a 90-year-old man.

Amid the body injuries incurred and losing a colleague in the melee, Hodges insists he is not going to quit and will still do what he did for free, even if it was not his job. “It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection, and I’m glad I was in a position to be able to help. We’ll do it as many times as it takes,” said Mr. Hodges.

McCaughey joins a list of rioters who have been arrested and charged for their role that shocked America and the rest of the world. Authorities are also asking the public to help identify individuals who are still at large but clearly seen in videos spearheading the insurrection.


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