Dancing Queen On Viral Myanmar Coup Video On The Defensive

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Khing Hnin Wai has had to defend herself after a video of her dancing as Myanmar’s democratically elected leaders were detained and whisked away by military forces caused a storm on social media. The first moment of the coup captured the fitness enthusiast’s step-step-stepping enthusiastically to upbeat music, oblivious to the dire situation in the background.

Myanmar Coup Video

While Wai was bopping energetically to upbeat music, history was playing out as videos captured military personnel vehicles driving along a road leading to parliament. Wai can be seen dancing unbothered by an intimidating convoy of black SUVs rolling behind her as the military took control of the country.

In footage posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the dancer can be seen filming an aerobics routine in front of parliament buildings as the dramatic coup unraveled. Unbothered, Wai continued to work out even as the military personnel vehicles approached a security checkpoint on the road leading to parliament.

According to Wai, the day started like any other day as she sought to record a video as part of an aerobics lesson that she has been teaching students since becoming a physical education teacher in 2019. The now-viral video captured as the coup was going on as part of a school initiative.

Aerobics Competition

According to Wai, she decided to record the video as part of an aerobics competition organized by the health and sports ministry. As part of the competition, participants has to record them doing an aerobics routine, upload the video on Facebook and tag the sports department.

Wai goes on to state that she was only exercising and dancing. While she noticed the convoy passing her, she assumed that security was being tightened as the new parliament was in session. She did not get any signals of what was happening as mobile signals were not working g in the capital.

As the dramatic moment was captured and went viral on social media, some skeptics questioned it. Reiterating it was probably a green screen. However, online sleuths quickly debunked the myth reiterating that the video was genuine. Miss Wai, later on, confirmed to multiple media outlets that the video was indeed genuine.

In a bizarre turn of events, it has emerged that the soundtrack heard in the background as Wai Shot the aerobics session provides unexpected commentary on the dramatic events that took place as the military coup took place.

The Indonesian song Ampung Bang Jago has gained prominence as an anthem associated with government protests last year. However, the song’s lyrics are just but coincidental to the surreal moments unraveled as the military went on with the coup.

The military went on to detain the nation’s democratically elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi, and other senior ruling party figures. It later declared a state of emergency and confirmed seizing power. As the coup unraveled, internet connection and mobile signals were down as the military sought to catch the country off-guard.


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